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What's In Your Pack?

What's In Your Pack?

Andrew Schrader began his Urban Search and Rescue career in 2014 for the state of Florida. Schrader has worked as a Structure Specialist; he has deployed on rescue operations for four hurricanes and, most recently, the collapse of the Champlain Towers. After seven years of working for Florida's Urban Search and Rescue Task Force, Schrader has dialed the ins and out's of what to carry in your pack. His trusty backpack, the RUSH12, holds all of his necessary supplies. He clearly doesn't mess around when it comes to his morale patches, and we can't blame him. Outside of his pack, you'll find our morale patches. "It's important to keep some kind of sense of humor in absolutely humorless situations. If I'm not getting in an occasional laugh, my mind can go to a dark place very quickly. Fun patches help keep the mood as light as possible (Schrader)." We can all learn something from Schrader. Check out his article with OffGrid Magazine to get an in-depth overview of what he's packing.

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  • I love your apparel

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