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    Stoke — blog

    Team RWB X 30 Seconds Out Collab

    Team RWB X 30 Seconds Out Collab

    We know what you are thinking; how lucky are you to get another rad tee collab. This time we collaborated with Team Red, White, & Blue (Team RWB), a nonprofit organization that is forging America's leading health and wellness community for veterans. Team RWB's philosophy and mission have helped thousands of veterans throughout America. With 200 locations in the U.S., their end goal is to allow veterans to reclaim the values, strength, and success that they found in the military. Veterans achieve this through a community built on physical and social activity.

                More than 250,000 active-duty service members transition out of the military and into civilian life every year, joining the 3.5 million post 9/11 veterans. They face many challenges, including isolation, weight gain, lack of purpose, and other health issues. Team RWB is just that, a team of people that are pushing one another to better themselves. It is nice to know someone has your back through the hardships of military life as well as the after. Team RWB is the antidote to the isolation and health challenges that they face.

                Our nation's veterans are "Born for the Storm."The phrase, coined by Team RWB's Executive Director Mike Erwin, was inspired by how Bald Eagles react when they sense a storm is coming. In nature, an Eagle flies to a high spot and waits for winds to rage. When the storm hits, the Eagle leverages the wind and flies above the storm. "Born for the Storm" is the core of the message; Team RWB members, known as "Eagles," are empowered to tackle challenges they face in a similar method. They're encouraged not to escape the storms or challenges but instead leverage them to soar above. 



                Team RWB is all about encouraging their teammates, offering virtual and in-person challenges and workouts while repping the Team RWB Eagle logo on their chest. As a collective, they're working towards improving their health and wellness, willing to face whatever storm lies ahead. You can find the "Born for the Storm" tee and more information about how to get involved with Team RWB here.

    New Tee- Work The Plan

    New Tee- Work The Plan

    We're back at it again with another badass collaboration. We recently got the opportunity to collaborate with, The Ready State. We always feel lucky to create with brands that uphold the same values and goals as ours. The Ready States mission is to help everyday athletes enjoy movement, agility, and strength; their end goal is to have athletes of all walks have less pain and more protection against injury. They're here to help adults of all levels understand the importance of recovery, pain relief, and self-care, especially as athletes get older. TRS gives athletes the tools to perform essential maintenance on themselves; they understand not everyone has a team of trainers to take care of them. They are here to support the everyday athlete and provides them with information to keep their bodies mobile.

    With that being said, 30 Seconds Out and The Ready State give you "Work the Plan." Featured in two different colors, make it what you want. Dr. Kelly Starrett, co-founder of The Ready State, gave us the inspiration behind the design. Starrett said, "It is about being consistent over being heroic, "Work the Plan" is the heart of the message; make the best choice out of the options presented to you. Trust yourself, don't overthink or second guess." The leopard is the core of the design, symbolizing a human being's full physical capacity. The leopard doesn't need a pep talk; it doesn't have to activate its glutes; it has access to this power at a moment's notice, ready to attack and defend in the blink of an eye. The third eye on the leopard represents the self-awareness of our capacity to be self-reliant, resilient, and badass creatures. Self-awareness can seem like a superpower from the outside, like having a sixth sense. The leopard knows what needs to be done.

    Make sure you go checkout the The Ready State and all they do. On top of adding a new badass tee to your collection a portion of the "Work the Plan" tees will be donated to the Clean Water Corps, a task force specialized in focusing on combating the global water crisis. Operated entirely by veterans, they're serving there communities once again.


    The Life Cycle Of Achievement, In My Experience (Part 1)

    Skates On Haight

    Something that's been a mystery to me is our goals and what happens after we achieve them. The earliest goal I can remember is learning to skate and then getting my first "real" skateboard from a proper skate shop. Sure, I had those Toys R Us boards that basically sucked, but they were better than nothing. I got my first board at Skates On Haight in the Haight Ashbury section of San Francisco.

    My Dad was in the Army and we were stationed at The Presidio Army base there. For my 10th birthday, all I wanted was a Rat Bones skate deck, Independent Trucks and the best wheels and bearings we could afford. We drove into town, walked into Skates On Haight and walked out with exactly what I wanted. Eager to start skating as soon as I got home, I ran over and grabbed my buddy Keagan. Our plan was to skate off the post and start bombing down the hills in San Fran. We started skating through traffic and right before we got to the main gate, separating us from the rest of the city, the MP's (Military Police) arrested us. They didn't cuff us, but threw us into the back of their patrol car and brought us down to the station. We were sh#tting our pants. I only had my "real" board for 4 hours and was already in trouble. Our dads were called and they came and picked us up. Keagan's dad cut his board in half with a saw when they got home, but my dad spared mine and just grounded me for a while. I got my board back a few weeks later.

    Lesson Learned: I did what a lot of us do sometimes. We achieve a goal and then go bananas and nearly lose everything in the excitement, kind of like when you hear of lottery winners or famous musicians going bankrupt and we wonder how that's even possible. This is exactly how that kind of thing happens. All the pent-up energy was released the moment we both had legit boards. We went nuts in the top of the goal bell curve. Celebrating goals is great, ride the high because it's short-lived but don't bet the farm in the short window of elation that rookies think will last forever...it won't and we were rookies.

    Fast forward a decade and I find myself having made it through Hell Week. I thought when I made it through that, everything would come into alignment and I would be on cloud 9 for the rest of my life, I wasn't. I was stoked to have made it, but oddly the weeks following were filled with sort of an emptiness. I had reached the goal of making it past that week and never put much thought into what life would be like after it. It was really odd to me being on the "successful" side of that training block but didn't feel amazing like I did the moments after we knew we had made it. I had to conjure up another goal to strive for. I just decided to focus on being an asset to the class and giving all I had to succeed and graduate.  I did graduate and eventually felt satisfied with my efforts in the class. Goal accomplished. Time to conjure up yet another goal to strive for.

    Lesson Learned: It's important to understand how goals and achievement work, which has taken me a long time to grasp. There's an illusive finality to nailing a goal. The glory phase is short-lived, followed by a decline in that elated feeling. I always thought the feelings I experienced after succeeding and hitting goals were supposed to be permanent, like an eternal state of happiness or ecstasy. It's a good thing they aren't like that, otherwise, we would stop striving for the next goal, park ourselves on the couch and turn to a puddle. Now, I look at goals, fully knowing their life cycle...

    Pick Goal -> Struggle -> Achieve -> Short Lived Stoked Feeling -> Reset / Pick New Goal