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It's official, we have an app (30SECOUT) you can now find us on the Apple App Store & Google Play.

For various reasons, we created an app; for starters, Facebook disapproved of our NO WEAK SHIT merch and many of our OG military designs; we weren't going to stand for it. So we created our app, where you can find our "racey" items, as well as all the other merch we offer. We also wanted to give you, our die hards, an easier way to find our products and offer in-app deals and exclusive products. Our founder, graphic designer Sean, goes into depth more here, but the basic breakdown of what the 30 SEC OUT App offers is :

1. Automatic 15% discount applied on in-app purchases

2. Access to all our banned items

3. Most new items will drop on the app first

4. Navigate the 30 SEC OUT site easier

5. You'll find exclusive deals and offers on the app only

You can download our app by tapping the link below if you're on a mobile device or by scanning this code using the camera on your mobile phone. The link automagically knows if you're an Android or an Apple. 


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