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What freedom means to us at 30SECOUT!

It’s knowing you are free to build the life that you want.

It’s knowing you have the right and means to protect yourself, your loved ones and your property from criminals and government entities.

It’s where we are all held accountable for our actions, equally, regardless of  job title, skin color or financial situation.

It's educating ourselves so we can understand complex issues.

It's the discipline to listen and understand the experiences and perspectives of others.

It's communicating our views without letting emotions distort constructive dialogue.

It's questioning ourselves, our beliefs and assumptions and making changes that we know are necessary.

It's standing up for the underdogs. 

It’s questioning authority.

It’s understanding that improving civil rights for one group does not take away the rights of others.

It’s respect for our laws and the officers out there risking their lives.

Our community comes in many types.

They are weirdos and warriors. Some are straight and some are gay. They are different than we are, and that's exactly how we like it! 

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