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The Dark Edge Film

The Dark Edge Film


Get a close up look at a few of my experiences, decisions, and lessons learned up to this point in life. Like you, I've gotten a lot of value over the years learning from the experiences of others so I feel it's a good time to share mine.

Last year, Kayrom Studios approached me and asked if I would share my story with them for a short film. After a few discussions I agreed on the premise that the focus wasn't on my military experience, so we got together and made a short film! After the premier here in Ouray, CO we will let you know where you can watch it. I had already started to write down my story years ago for my kids and grandkids, so some of the legwork was already started. The film is complete and the book I'm writing is in progress. I would consider the details in the book "R" rated, not from military stories, but from growing up. The film leaves out a lot!

When the book is complete, I'll send you an email so you can get an early bird copy with some extras thrown in. I think you're going to love it, even if it keeps you up at night.

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  • Good luck on the rest of book! Just watched the doc, awesome stuff! Looking forward to the book.

    Phil LaBille
  • Hey Tom! Good hearing from you bud. Ya, the book will have a lot more detail, in every category. The military-specific topics will go through the DOD vetting/editing process, in c ase I overstep without knowing it.

    Sean Evangelista
  • Dear E-Van Ever since I met you while working at SValley I have been very interested in your story. As a fellow NAVVET ( I was a Bubblehead) I wanted to hear more about your military career, will the book have more of that?

    Tom Mayhew

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