$ 3.99

Sticker - NO WEAK SHIT

This phrase is so good, has been around for so long, someone needed to make it a sticker. So we did. Dedicated to the memory of the great Alpinists Scott Adamson and Kyle Dempster, and to put some skin in the game, we are donating $100 to the American Alpine Club from the sale of these slaps. Get...
$ 3.99

Die Cut Decal - Smooth Is Fast

The speed will come, but only if you smooth shit out first.  7 Year Weather Tough Vinyl 3" x 3" Fantastic Stuff (just really fantastic)
$ 1.75

Die Cut Decal - 30 SEC OUT

The 30 second mark is when the adrenaline kicks in. It's kind of the point of no return. Wether you are riding in helos enroute to a gunfight, jumping out of a plane, approaching a trauma scene or racing, it's all the same feeling. It's go time! Weather Tough Outdoor Vinyl ( 6 year life) 6" X 3"...
$ 3.99

Sticker - Owner Is Armed

For your favorite coffee cup, lunch box, house and vehicle window etc. 4" x 4" Weather Tough Outdoor Use Encouraged Nice Message For Others To Ponder
$ 8.99

Sticker Pack - First Edition

The 30 Seconds Out sticker pack, First Edition: Weather Tough Vinyl Outdoor Use 6 Die Cut Stickers (4" each) Dual Image Backer Card Resealable Sticker Pack
$ 2.25

Sticker - Stellen

The sticker version of the painting "Stellen!". A lot of the K9's and Military Working Dogs are trained in Dutch commands. Stellen = Attack in Dutch. Pictured here is Rommel, a Dutch Shepherd and former close colleague of mine. He survived several deployments and now he guards the house. K9 Frie...
$ 6.00

Die Cut Decal - Heavy Days

Our twist on a Banksy stencil he did in the UK. Our die-cut decals have a 7 year outdoor life!  Made In The USA 6 Year Outdoor Vinyl White Or Red
$ 2.50

Sticker - No One Is Coming

What does it mean? Well, go with your first impression when you saw the words. That's what it means. No one is coming, it is up to us. 4" x 1" Weather Tough Vinyl Fits on an iPhone, water bottle, tool kit, weapons case etc.
$ 1.75

Sticker - Mowing The Lawn

Bad guys, like grass, get out of control if no one goes and handles things. The grass mowing concept was taught to me by a former Teammate, at the beginning of the war. It rings true.  Weather Tough Vinyl 4" x 2.5"
$ 1.50

Sticker - Aim Small

Aim small, miss small. It works. Weather Tough Vinyl Stickers 4" x 1" Training Aid
$ 1.75

Sticker - Doing Is Greater Than Talking

Strategic placement in and around meeting areas and conference rooms has shown a drop in talking and an increase in doing. Also serves as a friendly reminder to the Chatty Kathy's that haunt your life. 3.5" x 1" It's The Simple Things Weather Tough Vinyl Sticker