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    This is a pretty unique opportunity for you hustlers out there looking to make extra cash. For a limited time, we are going to help you start a side hustle business by giving you the same wholesale deal we give to our bigger dealers.

    This will enable you to become a 30SECOUT dealer on a small scale, but with the same financial benefits.

    Why are we doing this? Well, this story is kinda crazy, but it happened. We went to a business conference in February 2019 and saw Daymond John speak. We then went to his booth and wrote our brief story down on a scratch piece of paper and put it in a jar with thousands of other business cards of entrepreneurs hoping to win a 15-minute call with Daymond John. He's the guy who started the apparel brand FUBU as well as the TV show Shark Tank. Well, a few weeks ago I get a call on my cell, it's a number from New York City. I'm like, "Oh great, who's this scammer calling me from New York?!." It was Daymond John. 

    He said we should consider starting this program. When a guy who runs a multi-billion dollar apparel brand tells you to do something, you should probably do it.

    We have a passion for building others up and taking care of our people, so the decision was easy.

    We could make this some tedious back and forth vetting process with red tape and signatures and a bunch of time sucking admin work, but that stuff sucks so we're not doing that. 

    It's simple. Fill out the form below, with a brief description of your goals with the Side Hustle Program and we'll get back to you, stat!

    Here are the basics. You invest $400 and turn around and sell the items for $800. Your profit will be roughly $400! Who you sell to and how you do it is your business. Some examples are retail shops, fundraisers for fire firefighters, military organizations and police!

    Hit us up!


    Fill it out then email us at evan@thirtysecondsout.com.

    We're looking forward to working with you!

    *If it's in stock, you can order it. If out of stock, we suggest just getting other items that are in stock as it's often some time before we re-print.

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