$ 17.99

Hats - Heavy Days

 This is our re-designed angel, originally stenciled by Banksy, snatched by me then, murdered out as an operator. It shows in one image, the feeling a lot of us combat vets have. Came out pretty good, I think. Hat designed and is professionally embroidered right here in The USA.  Designed and Em...
$ 29.99

Limited Print (Signed) - Heavy Days

Signed Limited Print Heavy Days is now available as a print. Screen printed on 18" x 24" heavy weight paper, these prints are affordable, look awesome and ship right away.  Signed Made In The U.S.A. 18" x 24" Screen Printed On Heavy Weight Card Stock
$ 2.25

Sticker - Heavy Days

This captures what a lot of veterans feel and experience after being inside war. Inspired by Banksy's angel. Rounded Corners 4" x 4" Weather Tough Vinyl Mini Stickers Are 1.5" x 1.5"
$ 10.00

Morale Patch - Heavy Days

An image is worth a thousand words. Especially this one, that shows a real side of coming through heavy days on the battlefield. Hope it resonates with some of you. I know it will. Inspired by Banksy's Angel. Made In The USA PVC or Custom Leather 3" x 2.5" Hook Velcro Backed We've All Had Heavy ...
$ 6.00

Die Cut Decal - Heavy Days

Our twist on a Banksy stencil he did in the UK. Our die-cut decals have a 7 year outdoor life!  Made In The USA 6 Year Outdoor Vinyl White Or Red
$ 495.00

Art - Heavy Days Oil Painting On Canvas

"I've never seen just one picture wrap up, in it's entirety, how the war affected me." -Steve, 2nd MARSOC Battalion  This image resonates with so many of you out there, it was time for me to start painting it, in oil. All artists have influences. One of mine is Banksy. I snatched one of his angel...
$ 28.99

Tshirt - Heavy Days

"I've never seen just one picture wrap up, in it's entirety, how the war affected me." -Steve, 2nd MARSOC Battalion   This design came from a Banksy piece I really liked, but thought it could be better or more narrowed down for us vets, so I started fucking with it. It wouldn't exist without Bank...