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    How Do I contact Customer Service?

    Right here!

    Or email us at: support@thirtysecondsout.com

    How do I exchange/return something? 

    Easy,  Here's how.

    What does "30SECOUT" mean?

    It's short for thirty seconds out, when the endorphins kick in and you need to execute and perform at the highest level. Sometimes so you survive and are an asset to your team, sometimes so you just don't embarrass yourself. It's when you are heading into a dangerous situation and most likely aren't turning back. You know it's on. You could be jumping out of an aircraft, approaching a target, starting an important race or standing back stage about to give the most important speech of your life. 

    Do you ship to military bases like APO's?

    Yes, all the time. Make sure to put the correct info in the right block, for example;
    Name: Captain Chaos
    Company: 30SECOUT Stunt Team
    Street 1: Unit/PSC #
    Street 2: Box #
    City: APO/FPO
    State: Armed Forces Europe etc.
    Country: United States
    Zip: 00000-0000

    How are orders shipped? How long will it take?

    Professionally, with great care 5 days a week via USPS. Orders made after lunch, MST, generally ship the following day. We ship from Idaho, so if you live in Norway, it's gonna take a hot minute, but if you're in North America it usually takes 2-5 days, unless you go with an expedited shipping option. 

    Will product "XYZ" be back in stock?

    We're constantly creating and designing and we get really stoked to get it out to you guys, so older designs go away to make room for new ones. We occasionally bring back super popular ones, but our default is offense. Creating the new and destroying the old, so if you like a design, it's smart to grab it while it's in stock, because most designs go away, for good.

    Thank you!