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What’s It Like To Shoot With Clint Eastwood?

What’s It Like To Shoot With Clint Eastwood?

I got a text from a friend a while back asking if I wanted to go to the shooting range. I was busy working on a project and said I couldn’t make it. My friend was adamant I show up, ensuring me it would be worth it. Clint Eastwood was coming to shoot that day, but my buddy wasn’t sharing that info over text. He was doing a good job of keeping Clint under the radar and respecting his privacy as well. Since he was insistent, I decided to grab my guns and head over.

I arrived at the range, grabbed my gear, and was trying to figure out what the big deal was that day. He informed me Clint Eastwood was on his way over to do some shooting. “Yeah right,” I said. He just gave me a look, letting me know he wasn’t joking around. Sure enough, Clint rolls up 5 minutes later. 

Clint was cool. No oversized ego to navigate and no annoying celebrity qualities that are all too common, like neediness, complaints, and cringe-worthy snobbery. None of that. He came across as more of a blue-collar guy, right up my alley. 

We started out shooting pistols. Clint was a good shot, and yes, he shot one-handed a lot of the time. The only point of improvement I offered him was to get his shoulders more forward like he was about to throw or receive a punch. Other than that, he was solid with his weapons handling. I wasn’t surprised as he has gotten a lot of training over the years preparing for films.

Here’s the awesome part. The moment the range went cold for the last time, Clint removes his hat, takes a knee, and starts picking up brass! My buddy and I told him he didn’t have to do that, but he said, “It’s no problem. I shot it and need to help clean up.” So, we all picked up our brass together, then we all went and had a few Coronas at a buddy's house with Clint.

Clint Eastwood picks up his own brass, and he didn’t make a big deal about it. 


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  • Love your stories. Would love to hear more. God Bless!

    Ned C.
  • Beyond green-with-envy… Massive COOL, Bro!! “ Bet your kinda glad you actually didn’t give that particular day a pass. “Clint Eastwood picks up his own brass, and he didn’t make a big deal about it.” – doesn’t surprise me one wit. Not even close(by comparison) but many years ago, I was given(comp’d) a pair of passes to the Toronto Molson Indy Races. About an hour and a half into the Qualifying event of the day, I decided to excuse myself for a smoke. I’d brought a package of local cigarettes(Players) and a couple of cigars. As I was exiting the spectators area, an usher pointed me to the ‘Smoking Room’, which turned out to be right at track level and had an even nicer view than my own box seat. I heard the door open behind me and turned around to find Paul Newman and his wife(Joanne Woodward) coming in to have a seat and a smoke and watch the race. As we were the only one’s there, Mr. Newman smiled and nodded whereupon Mr. Newman pulled out a cigar of his own and asked me “Cohiba? One of my fav’s. Here, have a light” and struck a thick wooden match and held it out to me and then lit his own(an Upmann Vilar et Vilar). It was fairly obvious that I was ‘star-struck’ but Mr. Newman didn’t make any apparent notice of it. Instead, he and Joanne talked about how much they love coming to Canada and how often they traveled here. Long story, short(just like you, Evan) I’m going to cherish that memory for…forever. Thank for posting your experience, Bruv!

  • Guys like Clint are a rare breed these days. Sounds like a pretty awesome experience.


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