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Science, Logic and Reason

Science, Logic and Reason

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."

Carl Sagan

Science Thirty Seconds Out

Logic Thirty Seconds Out

Reason Thirty Seconds Out


There is too much information coming at us. We all know this. More specifically, there is too much bad information that obscures our view of what is true and what is not. In military terms, it's a version of a swarm attack, whether intentional and coordinated or not, by the other side. We are on the receiving end and the problem is ours to deal with if we are to survive.


Here's an example. Let's say we're all on a Navy ship, in wartime, and we have a weapon system that can eliminate up to ten missiles at one time. Not eleven, only ten. The enemy knows this, so they send more than ten simultaneously, but they only have the resources to actually arm ten. The others are not a threat. How do we know which ones to eliminate? Luckily, the dangerous missiles behave slightly different, due to the heavier payload than the harmless ones, and we know this. We have a system that detects the difference, if we decide to use it.


Let's decide to use it, immediately. The next time you encounter information that elicits a strong emotional response, put your guard up. That's a sign that warrants an intelligent and measured investigation. Why? Misinformation, by design or ignorance, often targets our emotions. Once our emotions are involved, we aren't as sharp. We lose the analytical edge. We are more easily drawn into the world of misinformation. 


Be on high alert for confirmational bias. We are all subject to this. If we look for evidence to confirm suspicions because we are already wanting to believe the thing, then we must put as much energy, time and resources into the search for the contrary. This takes discipline but let's keep challenging ourselves. It's the only way we will survive the swarm attack!

Have the guts to question everything. Claims that cannot withstand serious and intelligent scrutiny like the kind the scientific community applies, are likely bad claims. Learn to be okay with being wrong and change your mind when presented with overwhelming evidence that shows us what is real. We have an obligation to do this.

"Why is there a goat associated with this design? Because this is Logic Goat who ain't no sucka falling for conspiracy theories and unvetted quackery. Logic goat keeps it factual!" - Mike Tea, Artist 

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  • Could you PLEASE make this into a poster and sell it on your site?! God knows we could all use this reminder and great advice! I’ll buy several, and hang them up at work. Science, Logic and Reason… Well stated!

  • He may be a goat…. but he ain’t no sheep. Awesome concept.

  • Really good message in a time when we are bombarded with idiots and ideologies that have no place in our heads. The Carl Sagan quote was just the cherry on top!

    John Orsborn

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