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The Team

Evan - Founder & Owner
After retiring from 20 years in the military, Sean (aka E-Van), left Virginia Beach and headed straight to the Rocky Mountains in Idaho to start a new life in 2013. He taught himself how to ski with the help of some friends then worked as a pro ski patroller for three years. He kicked off Thirty Seconds Out in 2014. When asked what he does for a living, he tells people that he sells t-shirts on the internet but it's so much more than that. He's kind of shy, oddly. These days, you can find our original designs on firefighters and first responders around the world, special ops teams from dozens of nations, Formula race car drivers, strength athletes, climbers, investment bankers in Manhattan, machines on GM factory floors, and even kids just out riding their bikes in the dirt.
Sean learned a ton of lessons during his time in service. Specifically, working in small teams and doing dicey work with high consequences. He found these lessons to be universally beneficial and not confined to the world of the military and wanted to share them with whoever out there was interested, through the medium of art and design.
Authenticity, fearlessness, critical thinking, integrity, bettering ourselves and the world around us are Evan’s essential values. He cares for his employees like family and values his customers like close friends. When not working on his business, Sean is constantly learning, consuming books and podcasts like mad. He is working his way up the overhanging ladder of becoming a certified mountain guide one day and is an avid rock and ice climber, loves skiing, trail running, traveling and spending time with his wife, Tamra.
Tamra -Director of Human Resources
Tamra officially joined Thirty Seconds Out in the beginning of 2019, six months after relocating to Sun Valley, Idaho from the east coast. She typically handles the least sexy stuff for the business – payroll, communicating with our accountants, new hire docs, administrative stuff, etc. She also manages the Thirty Seconds Out LinkedIn page. Sometimes she takes part in photoshoots for our merch, so you might recognize her from product listings and Instagram. Her most important role, however, is helping keep Evan grounded and is his main sounding board as the team explores new ideas. When not doing HR things, Tamra works on her own entrepreneurial endeavor, as an Integral Empowerment Coach. Outside of working, Tamra is a part-time Zumba Fitness Instructor, loves to rock-climb, ski, hike, paddle-board, dance, read, travel, and volunteer at the local animal shelter so she can snuggle cats.
Hailey - International Buying Manager
Hailey is a true Idaho native. She actually grew up in Hailey, ID, though not named after her own town. She recently graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in LA. She has two degrees, an A.A. in Merchandise Marketing and a B.S. in Business Management. Hailey enjoys hiking and is a self-proclaimed “foodie!” She loves to travel, as she has spent a lot of time traveling in Europe, and now is tackling our local 50 states. Family is important to her, as are her lifelong buddies. She feels lucky to have some great people in her life - her true ride or dies. Hailey is our International Buying Manager. She is our market space researcher & buyer, always on the lookout for new cool samples of various potential products, including helping us become a more sustainable brand. She works with all of our vendors and social media marketing! She partners with our Fulfillment Manager to ensure all our locations are stocked. We are stoked she is actually able to apply her merchandising degree to help us scale up so we can offer you more great things, but also help us make sure we stay true to our values. Hailey is a kind, smiling, bad-ass! 
Marcin - Marketing Manager
Marcin helps us with our marketing efforts across several platforms and disciplines. He has worked temporary jobs trying to figure out what to do with his life. Then he has moved to London to seek an opportunity to change his life. After jumping from career to career for almost 2 years, he eventually came back to his passion from his teenage years and in June 2019 launched his marketing agency - Bold-X. Check out his website, here, where he also helps other brands become successful. Fast forward 2 years and Marcin with Bold-X has partnered with 30SECOUT to handle our marketing efforts. His attention to detail, analytical and data driven approach to growing our brand has been amazing. Outside of work, he is a father of two and currently lives in Poland with his wife and kids. If he is not going through analytics or thinking about the next sale idea, Marcin loves spending time with family, reading books, exploring outdoors, or watching mob movies. He considers himself a good chef and loves cooking, and his wife and kids can vouch for that!
Erin - Warehouse & Fulfillment Manager
Erin is the newest member of the 30 Seconds Out team, and we’ve been lucky enough to have her take on the role of fulfilling shipments and managing the warehouse since our move to Colorado. Erin was an army brat growing up until she graduated high school and then moved on to serve the United States Airforce for 3 years as an x-ray technician. She’s been able to travel and explore the United States thanks to the Army. Though she is now a Coloradoan, she will always call Clarksville, Tennessee, her home. Erin found herself in Montrose, CO, to be closer to her dad. She has two kids, her best buddies, and they couldn’t be happier living with grandpa. Erin describes herself as outgoing and a hippie at heart. If you ever get a chance to meet her, you’ll notice she exudes cool. When she isn’t packaging your orders and ensuring our warehouse is in tip-top shape, you can find her gardening, hanging with her fur babies, or anything that allows her to be in nature.

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