Sean - Founder & Owner

After retiring from 20 years in the Military, Sean, also known as Evan (E-Van), left Virginia Beach and headed straight to the Rocky Mountains in Idaho to start a new life. He taught himself how to ski with the help of some friends, then worked as a Pro Ski Patroller for 3 great years. Now, when asked what he does for a living, in his usual downplay way, he tells people that he sells t-shirts on the internet. But let’s be honest, it is much more than that.
Sean has created a brand that keeps true to its commando-based roots, where his real world experiences forged the structure of Thirty Seconds Out. From there, the brand has diversified and branched out. You'll see his company's designs on the machines and factory floors at General Motors, on investment bankers in Manhattan, firefighters and first responders around the world, Special Operations Teams from dozens of nations, Formula race car drivers, strength athletes, climbers and even kids just out riding their big wheels with their dog.
"I learned a ton of lessons while serving in the military for 20 years. Specifically, working in small teams doing dicey work with extremely high consequences. I found the lessons learned over the decades to be universally beneficial and not confined to the world of the military. I really wanted to share those with whoever out there was interested, through the medium of art and design." Sean E.
Authenticity, fearlessness, critical thinking, integrity, bettering ourselves and the world around us are Sean’s essential values. He cares for his employees like family and values his customers like true friends. When not working on his business, Sean is a voracious learner. He consumes books and podcasts like a pelican! He is an avid rock and ice climber, loves skiing and trail running, traveling and relaxing with his lady. His hope is you find something in Thirty Seconds Out that will be asset in your life.


Tamra - Director of Operations and Personnel

Tamra joined Thirty Seconds Out, officially, in the beginning of 2019, about 6 months after moving from the east coast to sunny Sun Valley, Idaho. Tamra typically handles the least sexy stuff for the business – payroll, communicating with the accountants (aka translating), business administrative stuff, etc. Every once in a while, she has been allowed to have a little fun by participating in some modeling shoots of our t-shirts or hats and even an Instagram post here or there. She also manages the Thirty Seconds Out LinkedIn page (yes…. we are actually on LinkedIn, even Sean didn’t realize that). Her most important role, however, is helping keep the boss man grounded and is his main sounding board as we explore new ideas. Outside of the business, she is a Zumba Fitness Instructor and also is starting her own entrepreneur endeavor, as she just launched her own Integral® Coaching practice. She loves to ski, hike, paddleboard, dance, read, travel, and snuggle with her feline fur baby!


Conor - Warehouse & Fulfillment Manager

Originally from Malibu, Conor traded the bustle and the beach for the quiet mountain life and two planks about 6 years ago. And we are so grateful he did. Conor runs a pretty tight warehouse and is known to follow through with almost all of our unique client requests on their orders (PG-13 and less of course). As one of our most tenured team members, Conor joined the Thirty Seconds Out crew around June 2018. He is a quiet guy but, when you least expect it, you’ll get caught off guard by his witty sense of humor. While he highly values serenity, he is definitely the guy you can yell at when the post office loses your stuff. He will do his absolute best to get it resolved. And heads up – he is a truly dedicated ski head, so please consider using priority mail for your order if you want it shipped out on a big powder day. When he is not answering your customer service questions, fulfilling orders, organizing the warehouse, or skiing pow, he is likely jamming on his guitar. 


Emily - Business Development Marketing Manager


Emily was born in Seattle on a dark and stormy night (actually we have no idea what the weather was like but assumed as much because it was Seattle). She was raised in Sun Valley, Idaho, however, where it is almost always sunny (hence, Sun Valley). Emily loves photography, music, writing, biking, skiing, and spending time with her friends and family. She started working for Thirty Seconds Out officially in June 2019. She does a lot of things behind the scenes, including making fun of some of the hats Sean (aka Evan) wears. But what you might see is she is the one that is responsible for all the ads and marketing, email campaigns, Instagram posts (majority now), and most likely is the one responding to your comments, pretending to be Sean sometimes (most of the time). 


Hailey - Market Researcher

One of our newest members to the team, Hailey is a true Idaho native. She actually grew up in Hailey, ID, though not named after her own town (very convenient for her parent’s though). She recently graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in LA. She has two degrees, A.A. in Merchandise Marketing and a B.S. in Business Management (she is pretty fancy). Hailey enjoys hiking and is a self-proclaimed “HUGE foodie!” She loves to travel, as she has spent a lot of time traveling in Europe, and now is tackling our local 50 states. Family is important to her, as are her lifelong buddies. She feels lucky to have some great people in her life - her true ride or die homies. Hailey is starting out with us helping do research on our current market space and looking into future market expansion ideas. She is actually applying her Merchandising degree to help us scale up so we can offer you more great things, but also help us make sure we stay true to our values.