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30SECOUT Meaning

Thirty Seconds Out is a time warning mostly used in the military, but has many similar uses elsewhere. It's when you're about to do something sketch balls, and you feel like you might, or you actually might die:


  • Parachuting from an aircraft
  • Fast roping from a helicopter
  • Approaching a bad guy hideout in helicopters
  • You are about to make a sales pitch with million's of dollars on the line
  • A band about to play their biggest show ever
  • You're approaching a smokin' hottie to ask them out


  • Wishing you were doing something else
  • Wondering why you put yourself in these situations
  • You think you forgot how to do what you're about to do
  • You hear your partners voice saying, "I told you!"
  • Accidentally saying something in a high pitched voice, adding embarrassment to the fear you are already coping with
  • Pale skin
  • Shaky hands
  • Dilated pupils

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