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    Stoke — Spotter Up

    Mr. Duvall Is Stoked!

    Mr. Duvall Is Stoked!

    From: Spotterup.com; "One of the other coolest things we got to do is link up the great Mr. Robert Duvall with Evan. When I first spied Evan’s painting of Lt. Kilgore, modeled after Shepard Fairey’s painting of Obama, I thought I have to get the actor and retired Teamguy hooked up. Enter my buddy AJ, a writer for Spotter Up. I have to give him credit for getting the very gracious actor and this artist together."

    "...smells like, victory." - LTC Kilgore, Apocalypse Now

    Robert Duvall liked my rendition of him from the movie, Apocalypse Now. He got a couple prints from my website, signed one and sent it back to me. To say I'm stoked would be an understatement. I will give it to a legit veteran's organization that takes care of the kids of some of our teammates that were killed doing "commando stuff". Thanks Mr. Duvall, that made my year!

    Acrylic on canvas for Mr. Robert Duvall Acrylic on canvas for LTC Kilgore, aka Robert Duvall 

    Spotterup, a great blog, made Mr. Duvall aware of this piece and he really liked it. So much so, he commissioned a painting, which I finished and just shipped off to him. 

    Spotter Up!

    An excerpt from the article...

    He didn’t pretend his art was going to save lives, or plant farms in Somalia, he wasn’t going to protest against the dark forces of America but he wasn’t going to sit by idly quoting Proust and Pruskin at coffee shops. He joined the Navy and learned to make a difference that could be seen and felt. There isn’t the credibility gap for Evan that we can point to as we can with other artists who are milking the world for money while positing their art is profound. Any artist can say the correct buzz words but how many can state how their art has a real ‘Hurtlocker’ story woven into it...CONTINUE