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Saving A Dog

"I have the dumbest hero story you are likely to hear this month. I ordered the "No One is Coming" stickers because of my daughter. She is 16 and was waiting all day in the heat to go to a concert. While waiting, she and her friend noticed a dog on the roof of a nearby house that was being renovated. After a little snooping around, they realized that the dog was stuck up there and couldn't get down. They called the police but didn't get much of a response. They called animal control and were told to call the police. They called a couple other animal rescue places and nothing. My daughter finally told her friend, "No one is coming. It's up to us." No joke. Those are the exact words she told me. They engaged some neighbors, found someone with a ladder, and they got the dog off the roof. Poor thing drank two bowls of water right away. They fed him and left him with a neighbor.

So in my mind, that makes them big heroes. When she goes back to school next month, there will be one of your stickers on her laptop.

Not earth changing, but I thought I would share. The patches and other stuff is for me. Been meaning to get a few. Hope it brought you a smile. Thanks."

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