Limited Print - I'm Millwall

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Get a print and support a hero!

The man who fought off the London Bridge terrorists, was Roy Larner, aka. the "Lion of London Bridge". He was stabbed about 8 times while he fought 3 knife wielding terrorists with his bare hands. Roy could use some help with his medical bills and living expenses. His good friend Jayne Jacob has set up a crowdfunding page for Roy here, where you can make a donation.

Another option is to pick up a limited print, right here, and we'll donate 100% of the profits to Roy and you end up with a pretty awesome print to hang. Years from now people will ask about the print and you can tell them about Roy Larner.

Talented artist Laan Roniek, of the Netherlands, has created a very kick ass piece depicting Roy in hand to hand combat with the terrorists. I reached out to Laan and he immediately agreed to allow his artwork to be printed and used by Thirty Seconds Out for this fundraiser. 100% of the profit will go to Roy! 

Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper is in between a gloss and matte finish, providing you with highly saturated, maximum ink coverage. Because of its saturation and resistance to fingerprints, luster paper is a popular choice for photographic prints.

  • 16" x 20" (40.6cm x 50.8cm)
  • 10 mil thick
  • Slightly glossy
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Ships from our print shop in 3-5 days
  • Limited numbers!