Art - Heavy Days Oil Painting On Canvas

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"I've never seen just one picture wrap up, in it's entirety, how the war affected me."

-Steve, 2nd MARSOC Battalion 

This image resonates with so many of you out there, it was time for me to start painting it, in oil. All artists have influences. One of mine is Banksy. I snatched one of his angels he stenciled on a few spots in the UK and turned it into a soldier. I look at this piece through the lens of someone who has been in a lot of combat and it's began to take its toll. 

Feel free to email me if you want to talk about needs, ideas or special requests regarding your one-of-a-kind commissioned art piece. For example, maybe you want a dark red Angel etc. Hit me up here:

  • Thick Oil On Canvas 
  • Pro Gallery Wrapped Canvas 1.5" 
  • Strong and Solid Frame
  • Several Great Canvas Options

*These takes 8-12 weeks and involve several coats and curing cycles. It's worth the wait.

NEW! I'm also now offering a Spray Art version on 18x24 canvas!

Thanks for your support! It's seriously appreciated.