Sticker - Commute


50 Cents of every sticker sold goes directly to Spikes K9 Fund!

"Dogs Saved Me. My Mission Is To Take Care Of Them."
"One night we were sent out to rescue a kid who we’d been told, had walked off his post and been captured. It was a rough evening. It was expensive and searing. So when I see the news regarding Mr. Bergdahl I get to re-visit that evening. The Dog, Remco, saved my and a few other peoples lives that night. He did so by finding a couple of the enemy who were laying in wait to kill us. He paid for our lives with his."
Jimmy Hatch, Owner at Spikes K9 Fund


  • Weather Tough Sticker
  • Goes Well On The Back Of Your iPhone/Droid
  • 2" x 2.7"