$ 2.25

Sticker - Heavy Days

This captures what a lot of veterans feel and experience after being inside war. Inspired by Banksy's angel. Rounded Corners 4" x 4" Weather Tough Vinyl Mini Stickers Are 1.5" x 1.5"
$ 3.50

Sticker - Operator Flag

The sticker version of a flag I wore. It has brought me good luck. Might work for you. 3" x 5" Weather Tough Vinyl Delivers Luck
$ 1.50

Stickers - Never Quit

This philosophy, taught to me by my Dad, has gotten me through the tough days in life and training. Weather Tough 8"x 1" Full Size  2.5"x1.75" Mini Size Secure This Attitude in Your Life
$ 2.75

Sticker - Little Bird Assault

Little Bird Assault at the thirty seconds out mark. Who knows what's gonna happen, besides a healthy dose of endorphins and the high likelihood of bad assery that's gonna ensue when you get on the ground. Weather Tough Vinyl 4" x 4" Street Art Style Graphic
$ 3.00

Sticker - Kunar Valley Heliskiing

The best heliskiing sticker on planet earth. That is all. Weather Tough Vinyl Bumper Sticker Style 8" x 3"
$ 1.75

Sticker - Smooth Is Fast

The key to speed and performance. These make a great motivational reminder when placed in clear view. For example, Firing ranges, handlebars, ski poles, vehicle dash, feed tray covers etc. Go dominate something! Die Cut Weather Tough 5.7" x 1" Black Text White Background
$ 0.99

Sticker - Little Bird Assault Mini

Weather Tough 1.5" x 1.5" Runs Small Makes Boring Stuff Better
$ 1.75

Sticker - Commute

50 Cents of every sticker sold goes directly to Spikes K9 Fund! "Dogs Saved Me. My Mission Is To Take Care Of Them.""One night we were sent out to rescue a kid who we’d been told, had walked off his post and been captured. It was a rough evening. It was expensive and searing. So when I see the ne...
$ 1.75

Sticker - Jaffa 1192

"Our destiny awaits us, but even though we are outnumbered do not fear the hand of death. Everybody dies eventually, not everybody can choose to end their time with glory and honor.To stand as brothers in arms, shoulder to shoulder, shield by shield, sword upon sword, battling our enemies for fre...
$ 1.75

Sticker - Victory

LTC Kilgore does it right. Fearless and aggressive in battle, I wish we had more like him. My twist on the iconic Obama Presidential poster designed by Shepard Fairey. Weather Tough Vinyl Sticker 2.5" x 1.75" Guaranteed Victory *Sticker does not smell like gasoline, only victory does.
$ 2.25

Sticker - Stellen

The sticker version of the painting "Stellen!". A lot of the K9's and Military Working Dogs are trained in Dutch commands. Stellen = Attack in Dutch. Pictured here is Rommel, a Dutch Shepherd and former close colleague of mine. He survived several deployments and now he guards the house. K9 Frie...
$ 1.75

Sticker - Doing Is Greater Than Talking

Strategic placement in and around meeting areas and conference rooms has shown a drop in talking and an increase in doing. Also serves as a friendly reminder to the Chatty Kathy's that haunt your life. 3.5" x 1" It's The Simple Things Weather Tough Vinyl Sticker