$ 7.99

Morale Patch - No Weak Shit

We started with a small bumper sticker and a lot of you have emplaced these strategically to stem the tide of the weak shit that is spreading throughout the land. We've now got morale patch options in combating the weak shit. 3.5" x .7" 3D Design Thick Hook Velcro Backed Effective Against Most F...
$ 3.99

Die Cut Decal - Smooth Is Fast

The speed will come, but only if you smooth shit out first.  7 Year Weather Tough Vinyl 3" x 3" Fantastic Stuff (just really fantastic)
$ 3.99

Die Cut Decal - No Weak Shit Middle Finger

Send a crystal clear message to anyone bringing weak shit your way. 4" x 2.7" 7 Year Weather Tough Vinyl Made In The USA
$ 6.99

Morale Patch - Never Quit

"You don't ever quit boy, not when it's for real!" Sailor, Uncommon Valor Simplicity and mindset. The key is consistently training our thoughts to new and better habits.  2" x 2" Thick 3D Design PVC Hook Velcro Backed  
$ 6.99

Morale Patch - doing > talking (mini)

Do your part to end the jibber jabber that plagues us all. Get a patch. Send a message and help make everything better in your world. 2.5" x .5"  3D Design PVC Hook Velcro Backed
$ 8.99

Morale Patch - Hope Is Not A Good Plan

Hope does not produce consistent results. Intelligent action does. Efforts are better spent on the latter. People around might not know this. This is one way to keep the right mindset going, wherever life takes you. Pick 'em up! Thick 3D Design 3" x 3" PVC Hook Velcro Backed
$ 3.99

Sticker - NO WEAK SHIT

This phrase is so good, has been around for so long, someone needed to make it a sticker. So we did. Dedicated to the memory of the great Alpinists Scott Adamson and Kyle Dempster, and to put some skin in the game, we are donating $100 to the American Alpine Club from the sale of these slaps. Get...
$ 5.99

Morale Patch - NO ONE IS COMING (mini)

When you know your team has to win and every effort, every person, every bit of smarts, drive and guts is going to be needed to make it through successfully. The mindset of personal responsibility is contagious, so spread it! 3" W x .5" H PVC Thick 3D Design Hook Velcro Backed
$ 5.99

Morale Patch - 30 Seconds Out Hand Signal

The commitment point when you know it's on and what happens next is an unknown. I can't really remember a time when we turned back after the 30 seconds out signal was passed around. Shuffling off the back of an aircraft ramp at 17,999' in the dark, approaching a gunfight in helicopters or rolling...
$ 2.99

Die Cut Decal - Losing Sucks

Start winning. 7 Year Weather Tough Vinyl 2.5"h x 6"w Matte Black
$ 4.99

Die Cut Decal - Day One Week One Shit

Being good at the basics is the cornerstone of getting shit done the right way, the first time. Even experienced craftsmen make rookie mistakes every now and again. Avoid those day one, week one blunders. 3.25" W x 6.5" H 7 Year Outdoor Vinyl Weather Tough
$ 4.99

Die Cut Decal - Armed And Friendly

The friendliest people I've met, often times, are carrying. We're not assholes, we're simply prepared, and that's a good way to be! 5.75" W x 2.2" H 7 Year Outdoor Vinyl Weather Tough