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License a Phrase

License a Phrase

Licensing allows you to use our trademarked phrase. It can be used as a simple phrase in whatever font you want or in conjunction with your design. Over the years, we have been asked to use our trademarks often, so we made it easy for people without all the back-and-forth emails and related time-sucking mumbo jumbo.

The license you purchase is only good for private use and never for reselling. For example, you work on a rescue team and want to create a team shirt representing your unit's mindset, mission, and focus. You purchase this license, have a designer create a graphic to accompany it and print some shirts. Boom. Good to go. You have one year from the date of purchase to create your tees. After that year, the license expires, and if you want to do it all again after that year, re-purchase the license. Email us with any questions on usage! Go and create the best design for your people!

You agree to the terms outlined here by purchasing a license from us.

Things you cannot do with this license:

  • Re-sell it to someone or some entity. It is non-transferable.

  • Sell it to the general public either online or in person.

  • Use this design in stupid ways, such as racist ideology or any way that promotes hate. Just be cool. It's simple.

  • Place our 30SECOUT logo on anything.

  • Claim we created your design that is added to the phrase.

  • Claim you created the phrase.

  • Create anything with the phrase after one year.

  • Use the phrase online in social media posts unless it's simply a picture of the tees you printed on, and you credit @thirtysecondsout for licensing it.

  • Summon the winning lottery numbers because only Gandolph has that ability.

  • When in doubt, email Evan! (

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