$ 495.00

Art - Heavy Days Oil Painting On Canvas

"I've never seen just one picture wrap up, in it's entirety, how the war affected me." -Steve, 2nd MARSOC Battalion  This image resonates with so many of you out there, it was time for me to start painting it, in oil. All artists have influences. One of mine is Banksy. I snatched one of his angel...
$ 175.00

Art - Spikes K9 Fund "Commute" Canvas

50% of the profits go directly to Spikes K9 Fund! "Dogs Saved Me. My Mission Is To Take Care Of Them." "One night we were sent out to rescue a kid who we’d been told, had walked off his post and been captured. It was a rough evening. It was expensive and searing. So when I see the news regardin...
$ 775.00

Art - Stellen Canvas

Sold Out, However We Have Stickers Of this Original Piece Of Art HERE! Stellen is the Dutch command for "attack". I was fortunate enough to do a few deployments working with this dog, Rommel. We got shot at a lot, but made it out unscathed (for the most part). Rommel is a Dutch Shepard who weigh...
$ 695.00

Art - Victory Canvas

The Original Has Sold, However, We Have Prints HERE! "The smell, you know that gasoline smell, the whole hill. Smelled like...victory." LTC Bill Kilgore Apocalypse Now Original Artwork  10% Of The Profit Goes To Higher Ground Signed  Acrylic On Pro Gallery Canvas 48"H x 36"W x 1.5"Deep Free U...
$ 29.99

Limited Print - Belt Fed Hate Machine

This is probably too much for most folks out there, save a select few of you. If there was a Heavy Metal show poster, completely about combat, it might look like this. The second in our series of combat related rock show posters, Belt Fed Hate Machine is the most hardcore one yet. My goal is to c...
$ 29.99

Limited Print - Valhalla Music Festival

All the music and action you've been searching for, held at the Baghdad Botanical Gardens. There will be contraband Stella Artois on tap, whiskey and a free armored shuttle to get you to and from the venues! At the conclusion of the festival, there will be a spectacular burning of all ISIS Flags,...
$ 5.99

Die Cut Decal - A10 Warthog

The A10 Warthog is arguably the most efficient and effective fast mover in a gunfight. They absorb a ton of enemy fire while delivering the metal goods to those most in need. Made In The USA 6 Year Weather Tough Vinyl 11" x 3" Brrrrt
$ 12.00

Limited Print - Sick Days

What do we want to remember when, and if, we get a chance to look back on these days? Designed and Printed In The USA Card Stock 10" x 10"
$ 20.00

Limited Print - Operator Flag

This weathered piece has journey'd there and back again. I wore this on my plate carrier for 10 years. Looks damn good on the wall. American Made Ships Seperately From Other Items You May Have Ordered One of a Kind Image
$ 29.99

Limited Print (Signed) - Clobberin' Time

LIMITED EDITION A new twist on the Rock N' Roll show poster, this one-of-a-kind piece is hand screen printed, has our sick sense of humor and there are only a few of these. Does an AC130, Apaches and Al Anbar Province ring a bell? The first in a series of combat related rock show prints.   Made ...
$ 29.99

Limited Print (Signed) - Heavy Days

Signed Limited Print Heavy Days is now available as a print. Screen printed on 18" x 24" heavy weight paper, these prints are affordable, look awesome and ship right away.  Signed Made In The U.S.A. 18" x 24" Screen Printed On Heavy Weight Card Stock
$ 29.99

Limited Print (Signed by Evan) - Victory

Signed Limited Print   "I love the smell of napalm in the morning. You know, one time we had a hill bombed, for 12 hours. When it was all over, I walked up. We didn't find one of 'em, not one stinkin' body. The smell, you know that gasoline smell, the whole hill. Smelled like  VICTORY. Someday th...