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    Stoke — team rwb

    Team RWB X 30 Seconds Out Collab

    Team RWB X 30 Seconds Out Collab

    We know what you are thinking; how lucky are you to get another rad tee collab. This time we collaborated with Team Red, White, & Blue (Team RWB), a nonprofit organization that is forging America's leading health and wellness community for veterans. Team RWB's philosophy and mission have helped thousands of veterans throughout America. With 200 locations in the U.S., their end goal is to allow veterans to reclaim the values, strength, and success that they found in the military. Veterans achieve this through a community built on physical and social activity.

                More than 250,000 active-duty service members transition out of the military and into civilian life every year, joining the 3.5 million post 9/11 veterans. They face many challenges, including isolation, weight gain, lack of purpose, and other health issues. Team RWB is just that, a team of people that are pushing one another to better themselves. It is nice to know someone has your back through the hardships of military life as well as the after. Team RWB is the antidote to the isolation and health challenges that they face.

                Our nation's veterans are "Born for the Storm."The phrase, coined by Team RWB's Executive Director Mike Erwin, was inspired by how Bald Eagles react when they sense a storm is coming. In nature, an Eagle flies to a high spot and waits for winds to rage. When the storm hits, the Eagle leverages the wind and flies above the storm. "Born for the Storm" is the core of the message; Team RWB members, known as "Eagles," are empowered to tackle challenges they face in a similar method. They're encouraged not to escape the storms or challenges but instead leverage them to soar above. 



                Team RWB is all about encouraging their teammates, offering virtual and in-person challenges and workouts while repping the Team RWB Eagle logo on their chest. As a collective, they're working towards improving their health and wellness, willing to face whatever storm lies ahead. You can find the "Born for the Storm" tee and more information about how to get involved with Team RWB here.